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Giveaway time, woo woo!

I was going to wait on this one but I thought since Christmas was coming up, why not give a really nice thing? Sadly, I couldn’t find the other poster so this will have to do. This was one of the posters from the recent Tales of Festival. \o/ This giveaway is for the poster only, not the other things .. they are just there to hold it down. XD

There are some changes to the rules from my usual giveaways because of Tumblr.


[x] Reblogs and likes will give you 2 ENTRIES! Because Tumblr apparently changed the whole “reblog” thing, it won’t show multiple reblogs. It kind of stinks but I don’t have time to look at each blog to see how many times someone reblogged something. Feel free to tell your friends to help you out, though.

[x] Do not reblog multiple times and spam your friend’s page. It will be pointless for the reasons mentioned above. People don’t like it.

[x] You don’t have to follow me for this. But really, if you’re a “Tales of” fan, feel free to. I really wouldn’t mind more “Tales of” fans!

[x] The winner will be chosen randomly. I will not favor anyone so please don’t not beg me or anything for this. Let’s play fair. This will last for 1 week.

[x] I will ship internationally!

This will end on December 3rd. Good luck!

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